Uniform Policy Reminder Communication

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, GPA has a dress code that all students are expected to adhere to. Staff have noticed that a good number of students are often not in compliance with the commitment each family made upon enrollment to adhere to the dress code. You received a notice last week explaining how the policy will be enforced moving forward, starting with classes on Monday. 

We want to be transparent with how violations of the dress code will be addressed as students enter the school tomorrow.

  • Any student who is not in compliance with the expected dress code, including hair, hoodies, uniform, belts, etc. will be directed to either the K-4 or 5-8 staging area. 
  • Paras will be in each room, supervising students and attempting to get work from classes that students will be able to do to keep up with classwork. Obviously, depending on student numbers, this may or may not be possible, and students will need to check in with their teachers upon their return to class, to ensure they have all the necessary work.
  • Parents will be called as quickly as possible, depending on the numbers of students who we are working with at the time. Parents will be requested to bring in whatever is necessary to allow the student to be in compliance. 
  • Parents can bring corrective items to the office and we will get them delivered to your child as quickly as possible. 
  • Once students are in compliance, they can return to class.

This is the process we will follow each day, with the possibility of changing where the children stay while waiting for corrective items to be brought to the school.

While we are sympathetic to the difficulty this might pose, particularly on short notice, the handbook is clear on the expectation of uniforms and dress code adherence. Obviously, the simplest way to avoid these inconveniences is to ensure your child is compliant with the expected dress code each day. 


Serena Brizic, Scott Hunter, The GPA Board of Directors

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