School Uniforms & Spirit Wear

School Uniform Policy (adopted April 29, 2019)

Grand Peak Academy is dedicated to creating a positive environment that is conducive to learning. The purpose of having and enforcing a dress code is to:

  • Foster an environment conducive to learning, free of unnecessary distractions and comparisons
  • Ensure an orderly and safe learning environment
  • Promote neatness and modesty
  • Avoid pitfalls of “cool” fads/trends/styles
  • Encourage virtues of moderation and consideration of others

Students are expected to be well-groomed, dressed in a manner reflecting respect for themselves and those around them, and to use good judgment in the choices they make.


Uniforms are mandatory for all Grand Peak Academy students. Uniforms must be worn during school hours, including field trips, except under special circumstances or as announced; for all before and after school programs; all tutoring and enrichment sessions (except on occasions when costumes may be required for dress rehearsals or when gym clothes may be required for athletic activities). Uniforms are not required for evening or weekend activities unless specified.

Students/parents are responsible for ensuring students arrive at school in the proper uniform. Within the school, the dress code will be enforced by the classroom teachers, other staff members, and Administration. Dress code decisions are at Administration’s discretion.

Clothing should be neat, clean, well-fitted, and age-appropriate; it should neither be too tight nor too baggy; not ripped or torn; and reflect a simple style – no adornments such as lace, frills, ruffles, tulle, sequins, rivets or sparkles.


  • Shirts must be one of the following styles:
    • Polo Style – long or short sleeve
    • White Oxford button down
    • Turtleneck
  • Shirts must be in one of the following grade-level approved colors:
    • PreK – 5: Black, Gray, Navy, White, Light Blue, Red
    • 6-8 : Any solid color
  • All shirts must not contain any embellishments, designs, or stripes (includes collar and ring at sleeve) and must be one solid color. (shirts purchased from French Toast – GPA store only; may contain the GPA logo if you choose to purchase that option)
  • Shirts must be tucked into bottoms at all times (not cinched, tied, or knotted).
  • Undershirts may be worn under uniform shirts but must also be one of the grade-level approved colors.  


  • Pants and shorts must be either black, gray, navy, or khaki in color and must be either woven or twill fabric (denim fabric is not permitted for uniform bottoms); belts must be worn
  • Pant hems must touch the top of the shoe in front and must not drag on the ground when standing straight; hemlines for shorts must be no more than two inches above the knee
  • Pants and shorts must not to be tight or too baggy; cargo, capri pants, sweats, nylon flight pants, are not allowed; leggings are not a substitute for pants.


  • Must be in one of the following colors:
    • Black
    • Navy
    • Khaki
    • Gray
    • Plaid (must be purchased from French Toast – GPA store only)
  • Must be worn with an approved uniform shirt.
  • Free of any stripes, designs, and prints.
  • Hemlines must be no more than two inches above the knee when standing.
  • Uniform style jumpers and skirts only.


  • Sweaters must be one of the following approved colors, solid, and free of any logos (except GPA), designs, or patterns:
    • PreK – 5: Black, Gray, Navy, White, Light Blue, and Red.  (GPA logos are allowed with items purchased through French Toast GPA Store)
    • 6-8: any solid color
  • V-neck and crew neck plain knit sweaters or cardigans may be worn over uniform shirt
  • Sweaters may have hoods (hoods may not be worn in the building)
  • Hem lines must be at hip-level
  • Navy Blazers may be worn (purchased from anywhere; however, only from French Toast – GPA Store if you want logo the GPA logo)


  • Socks must be one of the following approved solid colors: white, navy, gray, black, and brown.
  • Leggings and tights may be worn in one of the following approved solid colors: white, navy, gray, black, and brown; non-footed leggings require socks.
  • Socks, tights, and leggings must be solid in color, and free of any designs, or patterns of any style.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.


  • Shoes must be closed-toe and have an enclosed heel.
  • Heels/soles no higher than one inch and style must be conservative in style.
  • Boots should be no higher than below the knee.
  • No lights, roller wheels, crocs, jellies, flip-flops, sandals or slippers allowed.
  • Laces must be tied, and straps and buckles must be secured for safety reasons.
  • Shoes must be functional and safe for students to wear when playing during recess and participating in PE.



Belts –

  • Belts can be any solid and subdued color with a standard conservative buckle
  • Belts must be worn with pants or shorts for all students in grades 2-8

Ties –

  • Plaid ties purchased purchased from French Toast – GPA store only and only may be worn with the white Oxford button down shirt and tie only.

Hair/Headwear –

  • Hair should be clean, neat, and worn in a style that is not distracting or that draws undue attention.  (faddish styles are not allowed)
  • Hair should be natural in color; no unnatural hair dyes such as blue, purple, orange, etc.); cosmetic enhancements to hair must be conservative in mature and cannot draw unnecessary attention or distraction.
  • Hair accessories that are conservative in style can be worn.

Jewelry/other Accessories:

  • No visible piercings other than one standard-sized hole in each ear.
  • Only one wristband/bracelet may be worn on each arm at a time.
  • An object that has a purpose other than jewelry cannot be worn as jewelry (i.e. animal chains or collars)
  • No visible permanent or temporary tattoos during school hours.
  • No scarves to be worn inside.
  • Middle school girls are permitted to wear natural looking make-up.

GPA French Toast store:

5% of all money spent at GPA French Toast store is returned to the school to fund additional programs.

  • French Toast Uniform Wear – (coming soon)


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